To have a website, is necessary to have a domain name ( and a reliable hosting that is the place where your website is located. We will help you to choose the perfect domain and hosting for your project.

Hosting and Domain are mandatory?

If you want to have a website on the internet, YES.

Every website in the world have its domain name and its web hosting.

In one hand, we have the domain name. In a web adress is the underlined text: it defines the name of the website.

In the other hand, web hosting is the memory disk where your website is saved in a data center of a hosting provider.

To make it simple: you need a name to be indentified on the internet, and you also need a place to build your website on.

Is Geekobit a Hosting Provider?

We don’t provide domain or hosting services but we will help you to buy the perfect ones for your website project. If you already have it, just give us access to edit or build your website and that’s it.

We work and have been working with a hosting provider that have data-centers in all the continents, uses 100% SSD disks (much faster than HDD), is super-reliable 99.98% uptime, provides c-panel that is the best control panel, have a great 24/7 support team and also have really affordable prices comparing to its competitors. That’s A2 Hosting and we have always had good experiences with them. If you want to check out their plans and prices, just click here. 

Before Buying Domain and Hosting

How to choose the correct Domain?

The Domain is not only a name. Think that you will show your website name in all your marketing material.

There is two types of domain names that can be choosen:

  • Your business name (ideal for business websites)
  • A SEO-focused keyword domain (for AdSense Websites)
The extensions .com/.net/.org are the most popular and are great.
Watch out about located extensions this extensions will be harder to SEO positioning outside its area.
 There is infinite extensions and all valid. Avoid expensive ones.

How to choose the correct Hosting Plan?

The hosting plan that you need depends on your traffic (number of visits to your website), space you need, the usage of your website, etc. Make sure it comes with c-panel or plesk installed.

To sum up:

  • Managed VPS for big e-commerce platforms
  •  Turbo Shared Hosting for Hotels or medium e-commerce
  •  Lite Shared Hosting for websites without shop & low traffic
All hosting providers use to offer a lot of additional services but none use to be really useful.

How to buy a hosting and domain?

Let us put your Business Online

Our reliable team will be by your side during the whole process until you are more than satisfied.