Personal Web Design

Yes, it’s time to be in the internet! Welcome to our budget plan to get your own website!

With our Personal Web Design plan, you will get our unique designs to impress, a nice website structure with very good looking, all your visitors will fall in love with.


Have your own blog or personal web page

This plan is specially made for people who wants to start having presence in the internet. We will set up a basic structure, easy to manage but with a modern and amazing aspect. Your blog or personal page won’t be just one more. It will be your unique website that will make the difference. And everything for a real budget price.

Why I should have a personal website?

  • Improve your personal image

    Show who you are! Your interests and gain reputation.

  • Get a better job! Improve your resume (CV)

    Show your value to the world! Upgrade your resume.

  • Make money with your blog

    Use Adsens or Affiliate programs to get passive incomes

  • Share your knowledge or experiences to the world

    Experimenting, learning or knowing something? Share it!

  • Create a community to share your interests

    Create a community to share your interests

  • Leave your legacy to the world

    Have children, plant a tree and…have a blog! Is a Must.

Let us put your Business Online

Our reliable team will be by your side during the whole process until you are more than satisfied.

What does the personal website plan includes?


Can I get extra features for my personal website?

Extra Features

We will create a breathtaking logo for your brand and give it to you in different sizes and formats. Check the Digital Marketing page for further information on logo design.

Do you need additional pages? Just tell us how many do you need.

You don’t have pictures to make up your website? No problem, we will search the best ones for your business in picture banks and use it to bring a professional design to your website.

We offer two different plans of Social Media Marketing. The basic and the PRO. Check which one is your favorite in our Digital Marketing page.

Make money with you page! Today lots of people are earning an extra salary by recommending some Amazon Products or placing Google Advertisements in their website. All the advertisements will be about the same subjects you speak about in your blog or page.

We don’t offer translation services as we don’t create content. But we can place google translate elegantly in your page if you need to have multiple language options. If you need a more professional service, just send us a message and we will see what can we do.

Not enough?

Do you need more specific features? Check out our Business Plan or E-Commerce Plan to see if fits more on you! It does not matter if you are not a company!

Moreover, if you have any special query, you can ask us! We will be so happy to answer you.

Ok, Let's Start!

First of all, fill the form here and send it to us! That way, you can specify what you have in mind and we can imagine quickly which kind of project we have to deal with.

Secondly, we will contact you, speak longer about the project, set a price and, if agreed, start.

If you don’t have hosting and/or domain, much better! We will help you to get the best for your project.

Let us put your Business Online

Our reliable team will be by your side during the whole process until you are more than satisfied.