“Already got your website with us? That’s great! Have a look on our maintenance plans to keep it safe and updated!”

Do I have to get a Maintenance Plan?

Is not mandatory! You can maintain your site by yourself. None of our web design plans are subjected to any maintenance plan, but we strongly recommend it for safety, optimization, safe time, get support and have an updated site.

Why is the maintenance important?

Just having a website is not enough! You need to keep it updated and working properly. If when your clients are visiting your site, they don’t have a good experience because something is not working or your content is always the same, they won’t come back and your image will be damaged.

Additionally, is very important to keep your site safe against maleware and hackers and also have backups that can save your site if something goes wrong.

What could happen if I don't mantain my site?

If you don’t do maintenance in your website, this can become obsolet and dysfunctional very quickly.

When you update new content, is important that this mantain the structure and keep the same design as the rest of the content.  Furthermore be responsive (for mobile versions).

What is more, you need to make a backup before any change to avoid loosing any functionality or loose any information.

By the same token, if you don’t mantain your website and don’t update the software, you can Increase vulnerability to computer attacks.

Finally, being careless with your updates, you can loose all your SEO that you have did until now. Additionally, you should check your pagespeed often to make sure you don’t loose WPO caused by the normal usage of your website. WPO affects SEO.


Our reliable team will be by your side during the whole process until you are more than satisfied.