Business Web Design

Do you need to put your business online or give a renovation to your webpage? This is the plan for you.

With this plan you will be able to get a lot of functionalities like booking engines or online courses.

You choose the features and only pay for what you need.

Websites for Freelancers and Businesses

Doesn’t matter if you are a Freelance, a small local business or a big corporation, if you are looking for a dynamic website full of functionalities with an elegant design, this is your plan.

Why I Should Have a Business Website?

  • Branding and image

    Obtain brand awareness, improve your brand image.

  • Reach new customers

    Being online you will reach customers you never reach before.

  • Gain customer loyalty

    Your customers will love your company if you are where they are.

  • Digitalize your Marketing

    Internet have more audience than radio, tv and newspaper. Be online!

  • Easy to manage

    You will be able to manage all the aspects of your web, we’ll show you how.

  • Provide Service Online

    Implement payment systems, bookings, support chats, anything you can imaging.

Let us put your Business Online

Our reliable team will be by your side during the whole process until you are more than satisfied.


What does the business website plan includes?

Make grow your Be the best!
target audience for promotion


speak to the customers


application online shop logo


mobile app analytics tools
$ 0


Can I get extra features for my Business website?

Extra Features

We will create a breathtaking logo for your brand and give it to you in different sizes and formats. Check the Digital Marketing page for further information on logo design.

Do you need additional pages? Just tell us how many do you need.

You don’t have pictures to decorate your website? No problem, we will search the best photos for your business in picture banks and use it to bring a professional design to your website.

Having your networks active is necessary but it takes too much time, with our Social Pro Plan you can save time and have higher social impact. Check our Digital Marketing page for further information.

Get the advanced translation service to be able to edit manually the translations and to create specific pages for each language you choose that will SEO optimize your website for all that languages/countries. The website will also switch automatically based in the browser language of each user.

Do you want to have direct contact with your customers through your website? We will set up a live chat in your website to let you speak with them and also program robots to automatize certain answers.

We can integrate a payment system in your website to let your customers pay you via AliPay, PayPal or credit card for your services.

A booking system implemented in your website for all the levels, from booking a hotel room to reserve a restaurant table, book a haircut appointment or booking a touristic route. Depending on the size of the booking structure, price will vary. Can be complemented with the Payment System if choose.

If you need to have a website to offer online formation, have a platform to make students communities and offer your courses online with lessons and tests, choose this option and explain us what you have in mind.

If you sell less than 12 products, you can get an integrated shop into your website with our Business Plan! Maybe you have a hotel and sell also some souvenirs or a hair salon and also sell wax or shampo. Now you can do it online as well.

Doesn’t fit on you?

If you want to set up an online shop, please, visit our E-Commerce Plan. If you are looking for a cheaper option, check if the Personal web plan match to your wishes.

Moreover, if you have any special query, you can ask us! We will be so happy to answer you.

Ok, Let's Start!

First of all, fill the form here and send it to us! That way, you can specify what you have in mind and we can imagine quickly which kind of project we have to deal with.

Secondly, we will contact you, speak longer about the project, set a price and, if agreed, start.

If you don’t have hosting and/or domain, much better! We will help you to get the best for your project.


Our reliable team will be by your side during the whole process until you are more than satisfied.