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About Us

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to modernize the local companies sitting in Siem Reap or another part of Cambodia. We come from countries that, like Cambodia, it’s principal source of money is the tourism and we know that to grow fast in this market, you need to have good presence online. Your customers are in the  whole planet, so you need to be online to get them. Let’s improve Cambodia together.

Our Values

We strongly believe that the key of success is to be updated to the last tecnologies and never stop learning and trying new tools or resources. That’s why we always use state of the art applications to do our best job.

We also know that to provide a great service the most important is to be flexible and adapt every project to our customer needs. We will make sure that the project you have in mind is going to be the one you get. You will love our responsibility, perseverance, flexibility and passion to face every project.

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Our team

Discover who we are

Web designer and developer

Yoloxochitl Aguilar

Graphic Designer

Graduated in Geo Informatics in the Autonomus University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), Yoloxochitl is passionate by the art and design. She owned her own mexican art company Nauali Craft in Spain. Her knowledge in programming and geolocalization and her insatiable desire to constantly update her skills bring us a bright combination of design and tecnology.

Digital Marketer and SEO agent

Jordi Rica

Digital Marketing

Graduated in Business Administration for the University of Barcelona (UB) with mention in Online Marketing, have get lots of extra academic formation into SEO, mobile marketing and web analytics from reputed SEO Gurus. After working several years in the petrol sector both in Mexico and Spain and after owning seo affilitates pages, he decided to move forward and  setting up Geekobit to transform Cambodia into a well connected country.

Yoloxochitl Aguilar and Jordi Rica


Our reliable team will be by your side during the whole process until you are more than satisfied.